About Sugar Stash

We started as family run business situated on the border of NSW and VIC. My name is Bradley and I have been in business for over 8 years. Over this time, I have successfully run a range of different small businesses which included trading cards, figures, confectionery and comics. I eventually opened up my own store, modern boba, which is located in Albury. Our shop sells a wide range of confectionery, collectibles and we specialise in bubble tea as well.

I always had the goal of expanding to selling Australia-wide, so I purchased Sugar Stash and made it our own. As a new member of our family, we aim to offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of candy, chocolate and drinks from all over the world! We are always looking for fun and exciting items to continue to build our online store and we have big ideas for the future! Feel free to send your requests through to us - modernboba@outlook.com